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My background has provided extensive experience in corporate strategy and planning, high level product design, capital raising, acquisitions, and more. Specific focus areas include energy efficiency & sustainability, water sustainability, food safety & food waste, and transportation. Industries I have worked closely with include Food Service, Food Retail, Retail, Utilities, Public & Freight Transportation, and Real Estate. Current activities include serving as a Partner of Clean Energy Venture Group - which invests in clean tech; providing mentoring through the Clean Tech Open and other organizations - including clean tech Executive Recruiter LEAD3R, for whom I am an Executive Advisor ; serving on multiple committees for the Conference on Food Protection; doing pro-bono consulting for non-profit organizations through SOAR Management Consulting Group; and serving on several for-profit Boards

and Advisory Boards, including: CIRQ+; Calico Energy; Innovation Force; and RainIons. I also serve on the Board of the non-profit Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA).

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Martin Flusberg

I am a serial technology entrepreneur with a track record of raising capital and building successful businesses from scratch, as well as creating and commercializing unique new technologies. This has led to multiple successful exits. Much of my background has related to sustainability and energy efficiency, but as noted below I have worked with a number of industries and areas.

I am now focused on leveraging my background to help other companies - both for profit and non-profit - through Board memberships, consulting, and mentoring.



Co-Founder & CEO (stepped down March 2022


  • Built company with industry-leading IoT platform to enhance operational efficiencies in Food Service, Food Retail, & Retail by connecting, monitoring, analyzing and controlling equipment, delivering: real-time transparency, lowered equipment maintenance & energy costs, reduced food waste, and enhanced food quality & safety.

  • Sold Company in 2019 to one of the world’s largest kitchen equipment manufacturers, Middleby, who recognized this technology as the future for “back-of-house” equipment.

Co-Founder & President


  • Co-founded this software company (as Nexus Energy Software) which provided the utility industry with unique enterprise solutions that leveraged energy data in diverse areas - from energy efficiency to complex billing to market settlmeent to meter data management.  Pioneer in developing Software as a Service model in this market.

  • Sold Company to ESCO Technologies in 2005. Company subsequently integrated with 2 sister companies as Aclara Technologies, providing smart meter and related energy data analysis solutions. 

Founder & CEO  (Realink)


Director Commercial Info Systems  (TASC)

  • Created software company through venture-backed buyout of division I was running at TASC, with mission to electronically link the players in the real estate transaction.

  • Oversaw development of one of first distributed database systems serving the Multiple Listing Service industry. Company was pioneer in bringing real estate listings to the Internet and creating a “Computerized Loan Origination” system; concept that evolved into today’s Internet mortgage & loan sites.

  • For TASC, a $300M Defense contractor, ran the Commercial Division focused on software for real estate and utility industries. Aggressive business plans resulted in decision to split division in two, leading to my buyout of Real Estate as well as sale of Utilities to another management team member. This became Lodestar Corp, subsequently acquired by Oracle.

President & CEO (final position)


  • Rose through the ranks of this MIT faculty-founded software & management consulting company, which focused on transportation and construction management. 

  • Tripled the size of the company in 3 years after becoming CEO. Company successfully sold within a few years of departure.  

Research Associate (Faculty position)




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